Newport Beach – Jamboree

Fooda Popup Restaurant – Irvine, CA – April 2019

Driving down Jamboree Road – Irvine, CA

Driving down JAMBOREE road

Services needed for VEHICLE:

– Front Brake Pads and Rotors – $1500
– Rear Brake Pads – $500
– Transmission Service (FLUID DRAIN & REPLACE) – $600
– Front & Rear Differential (FLUID DRAIN & REPLACE) – $500
– Oil & Filter Service – $200
Do you know how much this is all costing?

The Sports car driving down the street, creating the pure essence, the law of attraction, and then, pitching that to people outside the area, why they should live in Newport Beach, Irvine, Orange County, in general…. and then… the sports car driver who’s creating that essence, is fined. Sounds like hypocrisy when someone wants to benefit from the image portrayed by outsiders for the law of attraction, but then the insiders forget that philosophy and end up hurting their own people… <- VERY INTERESTING TO UNDERSTAND THIS


habit grill perfectly crafted sandwich chips and drink but no one there to eat it

I saw this at a car dealership

Getting 4 New Tires for $612Frontpair +$622RearPair all out the door

Zoo in Orange County