Jamboree to 241 Freeway Toll Roads

Driving Jamboree Cars

Jamboree Water Fountain

Jamboree Drank at WF


Driving Jamboree

Please drive me home on Jamboree




Fish and Chips 333


Martini for life




Ahi Poke


Earthquake 5.1 Reported


What is life about?

Egg Fried


Jamboree drank coffee on Jamboree


Looking for living on Jamboree

Apartments, Condos, Homes on Jamboree

Office Space on Jamboree

Looking for office space on Jamboree?

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Imagine a “3rd street promenade” in Irvine/Newport Beach. – it’s happening as we write this.

Jamboree places


CPR Certification required at Gyms for all employees

Protected: People concerned regarding unskilled LA Fitness representatives due to slow response in dealing with situation. – need to confirm who at La fitness actually knows CPR and why they were slow!

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Jamboree.com is hiring publishers who eat and travel on Jamboree.


Hotel Irvine no different than Hyatt!!! They no longer serve calimari!!!

They don’t serve shrimp either, but they do indeed serve the best Buffalo Wings according to Sally.

Where’s the nearest donut place?


Will Macky make me a snacky?


Where’s the nearest Bar on Jamboree?

Let’s meet there!!!


Where can I buy a car on Jamboree?

Anyone want to meet for Lunch or Dinner on Jamboree?

Damn Thats Good

Gluten Free Wheat Free Barley Free Beer


I want food

Free Valet


Waffle Lover


Gym Lover

Salad Lover


Coffee Lover

Jalapeno Lover


Cronut Lover


Restaurant Week of January 9-16

Astoria sold to Buyer

Cental Park West sold

Jamboree Checkpoint


Protected: Jamboree Traffic Jam Sucks

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Need some wine?


Sushi Salmon

VodkaSoda VSoda

Near Jamboree and PCH – Veggie Platter at 333


Dancing on Jamboree

Jamboree Dancer video

Happy Hour

Jamboree Traffic

Wow Building

McLaren On Jamboree

Watching a McLaren driving on Jamboree. Uploaded to Jamboree.com web site. Jamboree.com is cool for sharing this video.

Motorcycle police waiting under Bridge near Jamboree Told Road.

Keep your speed safe. Motorcycle Police waiting near bridge in dark to catch any speeders. Just keep your speed safe and don’t driver more than the speeding limit range.

Guess what speed the driver was driving at? 130 mph showing off to girls in the car… -

According to recent reports of 130 mph speed the late driver of Infiniti vehicle, struck a tree, resulting in the car splitting in half and crumbling into a crunch ball.


According to recent report that a Crash near Jamboree Road that killed 5 people.

The people were in a late model INFINITI, which apparently crashed head-on into a tree.

Read full story here


salad ahi tuna



What you can find on Jamboree is a great Ahi Tuna spot that’s located in Orange County.

For more information, contact us.

Turbo Sonic

Turbo Sonic is a Sonic Vibration Machine that helps achieve motion in areas, muscles, flesh, and other unimaginable areas of the body, for the purpose of enabling activity, blood flow, and sensation.

Unfortunately, these 2 people died in Irvine, CA, according to the reports.


Apparently, it was a tragic situation where these two were a target of an EX-LAPD officer, who was going after these two because they were the children of the EX=LAPD’s Boss.  It was so sad that these two were the target.  What did they they do to deserve this?

Live on Jamboree, guy dancing… listen to the last 7 seconds, someone makes a comment that shows what people think in general when they see this guy dancing…

This guy here is famous for his great dance moves.


Offices Locations via Jamboree


There are many office buildings that are controlled by management companies.  Mostly by Irvine Co.  Irvine Co. has properties in the City of Irvine, Northern California, San Diego, and other parts of the United States.  Generally, prices are so high that in order to afford the rent, you have to be doing some major amount of volume of business in order to justify the expenses.  You should generally have various incomes, since Irvine Co. wants to see tax returns to run their internal credit score on your organization.  If you have a problem with a lease, generally, Irvine Co. will not accept this type of pre-cancellation, as they will follow through and take anyone to court that is unable to pay the rent, even if you really don’t need the space.  Irvine Co. also requires that you sign a 3-5 year commitment.



Auto Dealerships Accessible via Jamboree


Want to pay a lot for a mercedes benz.  Well, Fletcher Jones will charge you an arm and a leg.  Just check them out.  They even rent you a car and pay for $70/day for you rental.  Even if you’re there for just a simple oil change.  Fletcher Jones is so cool, they will suggest services that cost $100 or $80 and add it to your bill, without really asking if you want it.  They will just suggest it.  How cool is that.  More charges added to your bill… just leave it to Fletcher.. because they will make it happen for you.

Diamond Plaza

Corner of Alton and Jamboree, is Diamond Jamboree.


Diamond Plaza – Diamond Jamboree is a cool place to shop, eat, and hangout.  From Shabu Shabu, to Kick’n Crab, to HMART, to the Capital Seafood, to Yogurt Land, to Balcony Grill Cafe.  Just imagine, the choices.  Tokyo Table too.

Condos Accessible via Jamboree


If you’re looking for Condo to live in on or near Jamboree, you have many options to choose from.  But always keep in mind, there are thin walls, so if you need quietness and a nice view, make sure you do the test, before you buy or rent any property.

Apartment Buildings located via Jamboree


Great choices from Villa Siena, to Toscana, to Avalon.  There are many choices on Jamboree, Michelson Drive, Main Street and Jamboree, Tustin Ranch areas.

Shopping Centers Accessible via Jamboree


Diamond Plaza Diamond Jamboree is a place to shop, eat.  Checkout the Shopping Center, open late.  Bon Epi or 85C.

Liquor Stores Accessible via Jamboree

Liquor Store behind Lexus of Newport Beach (Newport Lexus).

Liquor Store on Main and Jamboree.

Liquor Store in Northwood.

Mother’s Plaza


Mother’s Plaza Mothers Market is located on Jamboree and Michelson Drive, in the Shopping Center.  Accompanied by Sport Chalet, Ruths Chris, California Pizza Kitchen, and LAFITNESS GYM, you can also find some cool little bar for your Daily Dose.

Newport Fashion Island







Great places to shop and enjoy the fresh air.  Newport’s Fashion Island is a nice place to chill.  Just take Jamboree all the way to Newport Beach.

The District At Tustin






Checkout the District at Jamboree.  From Lucille’s BBQ, to Whole Foods, Pei Wei, IN-N-OUT, Thai Bamboo, Native Foods, Pizza Places, Panera and places that are closed are RedRobbin.

Fletcher Jones A Service $199.95, Tire Rotation $85.00, Brake Fluid Flush $119.95 – Over $400 service today.


at the spaa


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Future Developments on Jamboree

Limo Services on Jamboree

Limo Services are near John Wayne Airport. Any recommendations would be suggested by Jamboree.com

Taxi Service on Jamboree

Taxi Services on Jamboree or near Jamboree.

(714) 999-9999 Yellow Cab

(800) 200-0000 Orange County Taxi

$35 Shuttle to John Wayne – IrvineTownCars.com

$69 OC TO LAX – 18779221523

Pharmacy on Jamboree

Target Pharmacy

Rite Aid 13151 Jamboree Road, Tustin

CVS Pharmacy 949.261.5690 – 17625 Harvard Ave., Irvine, CA 92614

Office Buildings on Jamboree

Car Dealerships on Jamboree

Movie Cinemas on Jamboree

Tustin Market Place

Ice Cream on Jamboree

The only ice cream place on Jamboree is located in Diamond Plaza at YogurtLand.

Alton and Jamboree.

Shopping Centers on Jamboree

Liquor Stores on Jamboree

Restaurants on Jamboree

Food Delivery Locations on Jamboree


Chinese Food Delivery:

PickupStix 949.786.7849

Crystal Jade 949.725.3368

Chinez Chinese Restaurant 949.752.2651

Apartment Building Owners on Jamboree

Protected: Central Park West $514,000 + $550/mo HOA + Mela Roos 1.xx

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